Tout Live  - DL

"We had been discussing the idea of a live recording for some time and following a series of shows we decided in June 2016 it was the right moment. We wanted to capture the evolution of some of our studio recordings, several of which are unrecognisable even to us. With the addition of Peter Bennie, who had been playing with us live since the release of Tout Third and who had also contributed to the recording of the album, we set about trying to capture elements of our live set."  

Crammed into our friend's studio situated in Netil House, Hackney on an impossibly hot day, we chose our favourite tracks and attempted to capture some of the energy of the live set. We agreed no overdubs and only took one or two takes of each track. We had some help with the addition of a very understanding engineer, a Lesley cabinet and a homemade radio microphone on the drums. This is a recording that is particularly close to our hearts. We are proud to present Tout Live and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed recording it.

Tout Third - CD/DL

Drawing on a range of influences including Neil Young, Dirty Three and Do Make Say Think, Third's ten instrumental tracks evoke sprawling vistas, outback lands, expanse and movement. Emotive viola rides atop country-tinged rhythms and thudding double bass. Distorted guitars occasionally emerge to bring dirt and dissonance to the highly crafted melodies. 

On Third, guest contributors on trumpet and double bass expand the band's dynamics to produce a uniquely textured collection. Multi-instrumentalist David Coulter adds to the musical arrangements on Third the rarely heard instruments the jaw harp and bowed saw. The resulting sound is one drawn from a palette of historic folk and country blues re-contextualised in to a contemporary form and the aesthetic is highly atmospheric and suggestive of filmic landscapes. 

'where the vast floodplain of now readily-available musics invites interminable introspection and long-form indulgence, the easeful flow of narrative belies its authors attention to form and detail' Dalston Sound

Tout Second - LP/DL

Building on the foundations of First, Tout Second offers a more considered approach to the debut album. Recorded over a period of a year, the album takes the ideas formed on First and develops them further, augmenting the sound with Fender Rhodes and bass and the addition of cello and viola provided by Angela Chan [Tomorrow we Sail, Rustle of the Stars] 

The prominent acoustic guitar of First has been replaced by a more electrified sound with driving percussion, but there are still regular moments of contemplative refrain, as with the track ‘and if there’s money in that box’ which is a largely improvised acoustic duet between steel and nylon string guitars. The album opens with the slow building and foreboding ‘Here I lay me down to sleep’ and leads into a more mesmeric realms with ‘and everlasting sorrow’ and ‘My condition can’t be worse’ finishing with the climatic ‘Tis money in my purse’, which gives a nod to the late sixties folk rock scene.

'orchestral and minimal but with a back to basics rock sound and no real studio trickery it’s so refreshing to hear music this honest these days'

Norman Records

Tout First - CD/DL

'tentative and atmospheric take on Earth's mystical minimal heaviness, evocative stuff'

Norman Records

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